Accelerating Blockchain Adoption

On a mission to bring the next Billion users on-chain through investing and incubating Web3 Ideas

Fund Vision

Utopian Capital focuses on investing and helping founders and development teams establish strong fundamentals and gain momentum for their projects. Our experience and expertise in the blockchain and traditional industries guide our portfolio companies through their fundraising rounds, key decisions, selection of appropriate partners and infrastructure, insider industry knowledge, resources, and data to arrive at informed decisions.

Utopian Capital is an all-around support ecosystem

and our success is a reflection of the performance of our portfolio projects.

Largecap Fund

Investing in long-term high-liquidity projects from secondary markets

Participating in subsequent funding rounds of scalable projects

Blockchain Startup Fund

Early-stage, innovative, and disruptive products

Emerging Web3 protocols, Layer 0, Layer 1, Layer 2, and DeFi protocols

Immersive Startup Fund

Qualitative projects in the GameFi and Gamification space

Immersive experience-based VR/AR applications, games, and metaverses


Structuring Web3 business models

Our experience and instincts as a core player in the market since 2016 come in handy in structuring efficient, sustainable, and scalable business models.

Framework-driven go-to-market strategies

Our tested processes and data insights give us the edge in filling critical gaps.

Future-proof business integrated tokenomics

Creating inflation-agnostic, utility-obsessed tokenomics is the key to survival in this dynamic ecosystem.

Tech Architecture

Efficient technical architectures save blockchain businesses. They minimize development costs and recurring expenses. It leads to maximizing time, revenue, and ecosystem growth exponentially.

Key industry connections

Leveraging our vast network and connections with Media, Journalists, Top Exchanges, Launchpads, and Tech resources in traditional and blockchain ecosystems can make a large difference in growth and success.