Asset Management

Product  Utopian Capital employs a rigorously-tested and principled-approach to its investment fund through utilization of its members’ fundamental grasp of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This is made possible through their combined industry experience of over 30 years in pivotal roles, spanning initial technological inception and game-changing ICOs, up to the industry’s current dynamic.


Product  Utopian Capital has relied on the timeless principles of investing in people and business infrastructure for its success. Its transparency with the funds’ investors has proven valuable in the construction of sustainable, long-term businesses. The greater part of its success was established by its clarified vision and timely delivery of commitments to both investors and staff, with the alignment of interests (financial & philosophical) and culture, serving as critical factors. Consequently, Utopian Capital continues to work with insiders, whales with significant buying power and industry heads.

Fund Selection

The Utopian Capital fund follows three guiding principles:


Product  Emphasised Diversification the fund is spread across carefully selected major cryptos, high-potential altcoins, micro-cap high-growth tokens, etc.  for minimal impact through market spikes and surges, while maintaining stability and an active role in high-performance sectors.


Product  Active Risk Management the Utopian Capital strategy proactively monitors current and potential risk to investment and takes steps to minimize fund-impact.


Product  Dynamic Funds Allocation by utilizing the diversification and risk management techniques, the fund is seamlessly distributed and re-assigned according to market trends and events ahead of time.

Strategy & Investment Focus

The fund employs a three-tiered strategy and investment technique:

Initial Stage: Private ICO and Pre-ICO Startup Funding

Product  Industry-focused with emphasis on innovation and new blockchain applications.


Product  This strategy provides proprietary access to ICO startups with the highest potential via a rigorous screening and selection process by the Utopian Capital ICO specialists, and provides the necessary leverage to existing, early-stage ICOs.

Long-Term Value-Creation

Product  Through careful investment selection and active risk oversight, lasting value is created within the fund. High-performing altcoins are identified and invested in early-on through the established and tested Utopian analysis methodology. Initial identification and fundamental analysis are supported throughout with routine technical analysis and constant checks on their development, progress, team changes, commitment etc. to formulate performance indicators and thus minimize long-term risk.


Product  Growth potential is maximized through combining the 1.5-2x growth rate of the primary altcoins with the specific micro-cap focus on high growth of up to 20x.


Combined Trading Strategy

Product  Diversification is supported through interminable analysis and combined with a disciplined market outlook focusing on short, mid and long-term investment performance. This includes slow sustained and fast burst growth of certain coins, both of which are capitalized.


Product  This method is achieved via employing full market trading capabilities, including short & long trades and margins.

Market Analysis & Risk

Product  Market trends are identified ahead of time by the Utopian Capital partners and experts with access to insider data and connections.


Product  Industry-awareness is employed to minimize risk through the principled Utopian Capital approach: beginning with the fund’s vision and permeating the fund selection, asset management and active strategy execution.


The fund actively engages in arbitrage trading through the exploitation of expert market knowledge and Utopian Capital’s programmatic approach to fund management.